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Pink and Brown Dot Custom Canopy Cover for Bugaboo Cameleon
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Clean-Kids Towels
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OnTray Snack Container
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Pink Flower Mouse Ear Hairclip
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Pink & Brown Jumbo Dot Minky Snuggle Blankets
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Santa Baby Babylegs
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Purple Cheetah Adult Minky Blanket
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Red Zebra Chunky Girl's Necklace

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Customer & Blog Reviews

The Baby’s Bundle - Review and Giveaway from March 4, 2009

Let me introduce you to The Baby’s Bundle - a place for timeless, classy products for moms and babies. Here you will find only exclusive trendy products that have upscale quality and design. Created by two best friends who have known each other for more than 17 years now, The Baby’s Bundle Boutique is known for its wide selection of unique products as well as an exemplary customer service to its clients.

Do you have Bugaboo stroller? Now, besides having this excellent modern stroller you have an option to stand out from the rest of the crowd by getting a Custom Canopy Cover for Bugaboo from The Baby’s Bundle. The customized covers work with the Bugaboo Cameleon and Frog models. You have an option of getting either reversible custom stroller cover design that you attach on top of your previously purchased or you can choose to go with a one sided custom Bugaboo Canopy Cover. It is all your call how you want to have it done. And listen to this: you can even pick your own fabric and make your custom canopy cover a truly exquisite piece of stroller art. All custom canopies come with a black and white pattern on the inside of the canopy to stimulate baby’s visual senses and are lined with a black out fabric to keep the sun off from your baby. To me, a mom who has gone though hard time trying to get the sun light away from my baby who is sleeping in a stroller, this is just a truly fabulous find! By the way, most of the strollers sold in stores do not have any sun blocking lining in their canopy covers at all! Summer is coming! Order your custom Canopy Cover at The Baby’s Bundle and get ready for sunny days!

Isn’t this Tutu Accessory Holder pretty? Besides adding visual decoration to your walls, these one-of-a-kind Tutu Accessory Holders from The Baby’s Bundle organize your accessories such as hair clips, headbands, necklaces, bracelets & more. Handcrafted, with Genuine Swarovski crystals I know you are probably saying to yourself right now ” I want this!”. Each holder is even given its own name! No two accessory holders will be exactly the same. They are unique, just like you are!

And I am totally in love with this Retro Flower baby blanket! It is one stylish blanket! You can find more fun and fresh patterns for baby blankets at The Baby’s Bundle Boutique. Great quality of design, available in adult size as well. You can’t go wrong when choosing any of these blankets as a treasured gift for someone. The Baby’s Bundle Boutique is your one stop destination for wonderful baby products whether it is for your baby or a baby shower occasion or you just need to find a special gift. Diaper cakes, baby booties, baby and toddler clothing, throw blankets, baby gift sets, nursing covers, diaper and wipe carry bags, -these and many more other original products can be found at The Baby’s Bundle. Great attention to details on packaging and decoration, customized product options, - all that and much more you get at The Baby’s Bundle Boutique.

My Organized Chaos February 21, 2009

The Baby's Bundle was started by 2 Mom's (and BFF's for 17 years) who wanted to showcase luxurious baby items at an affordable price. Their mission was to use posh and trendy fabrics for unique and hip products for Baby. Well, mission accomplished! This duo's store carries some beautiful blankets, burp cloths, trend-setting clothes and much more.

My girls were sent the most adorable Jumbo Dot Blanket in the greatest fabric I have ever felt. It's made of minki! Now, I have mentioned my love for minki before, as you may recall - I'm having an amazing love affair with it. Seriously, the softest fabric ever! 3 kids and about 9 baby blankets later, this one outshines them all. The design of the blanket is green, pink and brown dots - one that I consider very trendy and timeless. The other side of the blanket is pink rose swirl minki. Yes, 2 sides of minki - one feels like almost a subtle suede and the other a soft faux fur. Big enough for both of them to lay down and relax, or for one to wrap and nestle in - just the perfect size.

If you think only my babies love this fabulous blanket, you couldn't be more wrong. Isabelle cuddles with it on the couch, and tries to hide it in her room and claim as her own. Ok, Ok - I have been known to sneak a feel when I pass by. And I possibly might cuddle with it too. Busted! But, you don't have to steal from a Baby to get a decadent blanket like this! It comes in an adult sizes too. A 72x60 throw blanket of our very own. Why should Babies have all the great fabrics?!

The Baby's Bundle also carries Gift Sets for those that like to pamper a little one, with more than one item. You can choose a pre-made package or customize your own. This is the Chenille Gift Set, and comes in your choice of pink, lavender, yellow or blue. Wrapped in tulle, inside is two chenille burp cloths and a matching onesie. And if you're a person like me, who appreciates detail, their items are wrapped in glorious satin ribbons as well. So nice to give as a gift.

A Stay at Home Mom's Point of View Blog January 4, 2008

I am officially in love with The Baby`s Bundle. They have some of the most amazing products ever. I want a huge throw of the Yellow and Blue Jumbo Dot Minki Baby Blanket. The minki blankets are handmade in the USA and measure approximately 30` x 36`. Blankets are big enough to use as baby grows up and often become a treasure for life. Minki blankets are super soft baby blankets you won`t want to take your hands off. Double minki blankets are twice the luxury. Both sides are super soft and makes you want to cuddle up with it.

For the new baby I just love the cute Chenille Gift Sets. They are always changing what is offered with their Chenille Gift Sets.

Featured Now: Chenille gift sets in Pink, Yellow, Lavender and Blue. Each set comes with two chenille burp cloths and a matching onesie packaged in tulle. This is a perfect one of a kind ready to go gift for the pampered baby and loving mother.

The Baby`s Bundle offers wonderful gifts for the new baby. From clothes, blankets, lovies, nursing covers, booties and so much more.

If you have a baby shower to go to, or need to get a special gift then you have to check out The Baby`s Bundle

with love, Amanda

Blog review/giveaway by Mommy Googles; December 2, 2008 by Tanya

I guess it’s the cold weather, but the kids want to cuddle all the time now, and that suits me just fine! Kambry has been sick with an ear infection, so when she finds a blankie that she likes, she takes it, rubs it on her face and her expression shows that she loves it. With Kambry’s Minki Blanket from The Baby’s Bundle, she is in heaven! This has to be the softest blanket I have ever seen and felt! Her Minki is brown, pink and a mint green color with a very soft rose minki swirl on the back. Ever so soft! Minki Blankets are super soft baby blankets you won’t want to take your hands off. Double minki blankets are twice the luxury. Fun and classic prints. You can not go wrong with this luxurious baby blanket. It will be treasured by both mom and baby. Blankets measure 30′ x 36′ and are handmade in the USA. Be sure and look at the minki swatches so you can customize your blanket. Why give an ordinary or common baby shower gift, when you can give the gift of a Minki Blanket? Great stocking stuffer as well!

Another thing that I love from The Baby’s Bundle is the Tiny Tie One Piece Outfits and the Necklace One Piece Outfits. Oh my gosh! So cute!

Tiny Ties one piece outfits are great for any occasion especially for those special occasions where you want your little guy looking extra special. Great for the holidays, weddings, graduations or church. You don’t have to fuss or mess with real ties being too tight or ending up in baby’s mouth. Tiny Ties look great with a sport jacket. Tiny Ties are machine washable and come in the following sizes: 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m, 9-12m, 18m, 2-4T

Necklace One Piece Outfits are adorable “Necklace” onesies are the new trend in infant fashion. Necklace one piece outfits are great for any occasion especially for those special occasions where you want your baby girl looking extra special. Great for the holidays, weddings, graduations or church. You don’t have to fuss or mess with a real necklace or worry about it getting broken or ending up in baby’s mouth.Necklaces onesies are embroidered on the bodysuit and come in a variety of colors. Each bodysuit is made of 100% combed cotton interlock for the softest touch on baby’s gentle skin. Make your child the conversation piece, in our adorable Necklace onesie. Necklace onesies look great with a sweater. Necklace onesies are machine washable and come in the following sizes: 0-3m,3-6m,6-9m,9-12m,18m

Check out for more other beautiful designs of Minki Blankets and more great products like Custom Canopy Covers for Bugaboo, Snuggle Blankets, Unique Burp Cloths, Boutique Clothing, Clementine Baby Cakes, bibs, Kids Pillows and so much more!
November 02, 2008-Review by Arizona Mama Blog

The Baby's Bundle

Are you looking for a product that will last for generations, is unique, affordable and will be loved and admired? If the answer is yes, The Baby's Bundle is the boutique for you, The exclusive product line includes: Minki infant/toddler/adult blankets, burp cloths, snuggle blankets, outfits and much more. If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd with your Bugaboo stroller The Baby's Bundle can help with their custom canopy covers for the Bugaboo Cameleon. The Baby's Bundle specializes in buttery soft minki material so soft you will not want to set it down. The minki material used is one of the finest, softest and most luxurious around. But don't just take our word for it see what other satisfied customers have to say:

"My friend loved the Vintage Minki Blanket with rose swirl and matching burp clothes. My baby received the same ones (in a different color) as a gift. At first they look too unnecessarily luxurious...but then you realize how much your baby deserves to be spoiled. The minki with the rose swirl is so cozy against my baby's skin...and what a keep sake too! Thank you for your wonderfully unique products and prompt, courteous service! I know I should venture out and try your other products...but when you find what you is hard not to stick with it. Thanks again! Beth-Phoenix, Az

The Baby's Bundle is the vision of two friends whose goal is to create unique, quality, luxurious products at an affordable price. The Baby's Bundle is getting a new look by the first of the year so be sure to stop by to see the new design. We will be adding more of our favorite products from other innovative and creative mom's. Right now we have the Cold Seat for a great price and Tiny Ties in time for the holidays.

We would love for you to stop by and shop with us at If you don't see the fabric you are looking for email us we do custom orders. We know you have many choices when shopping for baby products and we appreciate the opportunity to help create a special gift for your pampered baby. Anyone who places an online order now until the end of the year will receive a special gift when you mention Arizona Mama in the comment section. Thank you and we look forward to creating a unique and luxurious product for you.

Review by Free & Fun Giveaway Blog-May 23, 2008

Little Men always seem to be forgotten by the stores. I remember shopping for my Little Man - 8 years ago (WOW) and the stores were really missing out on the boy selection. Well, this Tiny Tie is just right for dressing up your Little Man. Have a wedding to go to or a formal party and just can not find the right outfit. Well, this Tiny Tie from The Baby's Bundle will look great with a pair of black slacks, shoes and there you go. Formal outfit in a tee-shirt. The Baby's Bundle is owned by 2 great working moms who love to offer one of a kind unique gifts for your baby. Visit their selection of Minky Blankets, Boutique 2 piece outfits, Cat in the Hat t-shirts, boutique onesies and more. With their huge selection of baby clothes, you will never have to shop anywhere else.

Today we are giving away 1 Tiny Tie onesie. Size 3-6 months This is the perfect gift for an upcoming baby shower or even if you are pregnant right now with a Little Man.

Review by Mommy Perks March 28, 2008

The Baby’s Bundle - Soft, soft, soft! VIP Listing

We recently received a minki baby blanket to review from The Baby’s Bundle. Hot pink on one side and zebra minki on the other. I don’t think I’ve ever felt fabric quite so soft! My baby daughter likes to put her face against anything soft (stuffed animals, etc) and say sweetly, “Ohhhhh…..” As soon as I unwrapped this blanket I handed it to her. She immediately put it to her face and tilted her head to the side and said “Ohhhhh….!” She knew it was supposed to be cuddled. For the last several days she has walked around with the blanket cuddling it to her face and letting out her cute little, “Ohhhh…..” sound. My daughter is quite the tomboy but even she knows a great blanket when she gets one! This blanket is also very well sewn together, making it lasting and durable. I’d certainly recommend checking them out! Just pop over to for these adorable blankets and so much more.

Kandi, the owner, is a sweetie and she has so many great products to offer moms and moms-to-be! These blankets would make a fabulous baby shower present, too.

Review by Polka Dot Mom--March 3, 2008

Kandi Madden and Valerie Cross are the proud owners of

After 16 years of friendship and the desire to create something together, in 2004 they put their creative minds and talents together to open The Baby's Bundle, a boutique FILLED with gorgeous handmade gifts for baby and mom.

Valerie is the mother of three children, ages five, three and one. She has been married for 12 years and works a full time job, outside of The Baby’s Bundle.

Kandi has a two year old with another baby on its way. She left her career as a psychotherapist to stay home and raise her son. She has been married for 10 years.

While juggling both career and motherhood can be challenging Kandi and Valerie are committed to providing unique, upscale, quality products as well as exemplary customer service to customers and boutique owners alike. They work hard to find the most unique, quality fabrics to create their exclusive products and strive to come up with products that are fresh, hip and timeless.

Their exclusive collection of handmade gifts includes blankets, burp cloths, snuggle blankets, outfits and much more. They specialize in buttery soft minki material. The polka dot minki blankets are very popular for all ages and measure a generous 30" x 36" size. Their blankets will be treasured by mom and baby alike for years to come!

The Baby's Bundle Review by Licorice Mint Owner Emily Webb Date: 12/28/2007

"It is so hard to find really individual stuff for kids these days and when products are handmade they become even more special. This little outfit - pink shorts made from a tropical-style material and the pink ribbed tee with a panel of the tropical material on the front - is going to be perfect for the current Australian summer, which is VERY HOT at the moment!

I can also speak very highly of the customer service offered by The Baby's Bundle. Owner Kandi Madden has been wonderful to deal with and the boutique offers many products, including burp cloths, luxurious minki blankets and cute outfits.

At the Baby's Bundle you are guaranteed a gift that will not be replicated. Handmade items are becoming more and more popular with people to give as gifts. (Just look at the growing popularity of Etsy.) I love handmade, especially for baby or new parent gifts and The Baby's Bundle offers beautiful items, all very reasonably priced.

"The gals from The Baby's Bundle make superior quality items. The order is received quickly and the quality is some of the best that we have in our shop. You can tell that each piece is made with love. My customers just love the prints they use and the presentation of each item. I will definitely continue ordering from them."

Christine F. (owner), Prenatal Peek, AZ

"It is a pleasure to work with The Baby's Bundle on many levels. They listen to my design and budget needs and have produced merchandise that exceeds my expectations, both in quality and design. I can feel confident that when I have a customer service concern, it will be handled promptly and professionally. I also know that with their experience and talent, my specialty items will delight my customers. "

CJ (Owner), Charming Children, AZ

"My daughter loves her snuggle blanket she sleeps with it every night. It has handled everything a six year old could do to it and always washes clean. She also loves her Pirate Girl outfit. It too has worn very well and is easy to wash. Anytime we have family movie night we all fight over who gets the adult snuggle blanket. Not only is it lovely and fits beautifully with our decor, it is so soft and really wraps you up with comfort. I am truly satisfied with all my purchases and would defiantly buy again from The Baby’s Bundle."

Sincerely, Frances V., Glendale, AZ

"These blankets are a true blessing! My little one - Emma, can not be without her snuggle blanket. In fact, it is the only thing I can count on to calm her fussiness... they work so well that we bought a couple to spare and my mom has two at her house! We love 'The Baby's Bundle' blankets as well as their terrific customer service!"

Jasmine F., Glendale, AZ

"I am back from my trip to Albuquerque and the gifts were the HIT of the party for sure!!!! The diaper cake was the best anyone had ever seen and they couldn't believe the "horse items". It was the perfect gift. Many thanks for your help It was so much fun watching Rene's expression as she realized the horses on the blanket. It will be a treasure for them always!!!!! Thanks again. I'm saving your card in case I need other things."

Linda B. , Suncity West, AZ

"I received our mini minky snuggles and they are fabulous....I can't tell you enough how much I love them. They are super soft. I am gonna order an Adult Size Blanket, so I can enjoy some of that great luxury myself. Shipping to APO Address was extremely fast. THANK YOU!"

J. Charleston, APO

"We just purchased one of the beautiful Dr. Seuss minky blankies for a friend's new baby, and I've got to say that I've forgotten how yummy the minky feels when it's brand new! (My baby is more new blankies for him :/ ) The piece is just beautiful and the shipping was so super fast, too. Also, I really think the quality is MUCH better than any blanket I've bought in the same (if not much higher) price range. Really a good bang for the buck! Sale or not. Thank you so much!"

J. Gittner, Phoenix, AZ

"I got the snuggle blankets today and I just love them! They are so soft and so well made, it was totally worth staying up till 5am to get them! Thank you."

L. Torres

"I ordered some Kids clean towels....I got them super fast, which I always love! And they are really awesome towels!! Re-useable, so well worth the money and good for the environment! How can you go wrong?? LOL!"

H. Cannady

"Just got all of the tutus, they are PERFECT!!! Thanks so much!!! They are going to look beautiful - will part of her 1st bday centerpieces, the little girls are going to be so excited to take one home!!! Will be back again(major shopping"

D. Schneider, Oceanside, NY

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